Hartz Ultra Guard Rid Worm Paste Cat Kitten Wormer 4g (0.14oz)


Hartz Ultra Guard Rid Worm Paste Cat Kitten Wormer 4g (0.14oz)


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Hartz Ultra Guard

Rid Worm Paste 

for Cats & Kittens (8 Weeks & older)



Safely removes roundworms in both cats and kittens

Contains: Easy to use pre-filled syringe

Grilled Tuna Flavor

Each syringe treats up to 20 lbs (9.09kg)


Dosage cat/kittens as follows:

200 mg piperazine per 5 lbs (2.27kg) of body weight. To assure proper dosage, weigh animal prior to treatment.

Directions for use: 

Remove cap and push the plunger to the weight marking that corresponds to the weight of the cat. Then add to the cat's food. To be sure the full dose is consumed, mix it well with only one-half of the cat's regular feeding. When the cat has finished eating the dosed food, give balance of meal. Alternatively, smear on cat's paw or fur where it can be licked off. For animals 1 year or younger, administer every 2 or 3 months to ensure that infestations are controlled; for animals over 1 year of age, administer monthly. If an infestation has been confirmed and an initial treatment given, a repeat treatment should be given 10 to 20 days later to remove immature roundworms which may have entered the intestine from the lungs after the first dose. If you cat looks or acts sick, consult your veterinarian before treatment.

Active Ingredient:

Piperazine (from Adipate) 800 mg (20.0%)

Effective against large round worms (Toxocara cati and Toxascaris leonina).


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